The White Peacock

The White Peacock by Susie Perez FernandezA university law student from Mumbai and a curious American writer get caught up in a political upheaval in New Delhi. The Indian student, Jai is campaigning against a powerful, influential and possibly corrupt man with his eye on the new Prime Minister ballot. A series of riots and protests on the university campus spill over into the city streets.

Coincidentally, Bibiana Tobey, a New York Travel Magazine writer, is preparing her fictional adventure novel and is in India doing research for her book about a powerful and influential political figure with a dark secret past that may come to light.

On a scorching hot day in Delhi, Jai is caught up in the fervor of protesting and entices the crowd to follow him. The opposing sides rally against each other and soon police arrive, starting a violent operation against the protesters. In the running masses of students, Jai is injured but close by just outside the campus, taking pictures and watching everything is Bibi. She rescues Jai after he is injured and just when he begins to thank her, realizing she’s an innocent bystander, he begs her to leave quickly before police arrive. Too late, Miss Tobey is seized by police and Jai is off to recover at a nearby hospital.

During a harsh interrogation, police find the materials for her book and believe her story resembles the top secret situation they are trying to cover-up for the new PM candidate and worse, they believe her to be a spy. Soon Jai learns of Bibi’s fate and must quickly return to Mumbai to seek his father’s before it’s too late.  It is also time for Jai to confess what he has been up to; something his father will repudiate and bring him serious repercussions.

Will Jai’s father agree to help Bibi out of prison and help her get back home safely knowing what junior has been orchestrating?  Will Lodi’s illustrious career come to a crashing end in his efforts to protect the wealthy and influential of India? The clock is ticking and it is now a matter of honor and duty for Jai and his father. These unforeseen events have forced them all together. Will father and son join forces to help stop the would be prime minister before it’s too late?

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