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From Red Headed Book Lover:

“Vida Blue, where do I begin book lovers? How about I start with the fact that Vida Blue is a phenomenal, enchanting and thrilling romantic suspense novel that managed to keep me entertained and thrilled for hours on end, all thanks to the extraordinary author Susie Perez Fernandez. Vida Blue is a novel I knew I would love thanks to it being a romantic suspense novel, I adore romance novels however I dislike the type that features a cliché romance that is predictable and too lovey-dovey. I instead love when a romance novel is unique, thrilling and laced with many shocking but emotive moments and Vida Blue certainly has all of this and so much more.

As I read Vida Blue I found myself instantly charmed and captivated by the author and I felt this way until the very end thanks to Fernandez’s excellent plot development and fascinating characters. Vida Blue is undoubtedly a fantastic book that is full of a host of enthralling moments and splendid but also terrifying, and these factors combined with the fast-paced narrative and romantic story at the heart of the story make Vida Blue a compelling story that should be read, loved and certainly not missed!…” Read the entire review here.

Questions and Answers at Awesome Gang

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
I am a South Florida native but have traveled the world as a destination wedding planner. While planning weddings on Italy’s, Amalfi Coast, the idea for Vida Blue came to my mind.
I have a second book coming out in February 2019, called The Greatest PM of India. A romance fiction that grabs the heart and makes us all think of our love of country and family.

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