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CURRENT WORKS | 21 Tales Media | Website of Susan Perez Fernandez - Writer of Adventurous and Romantic Fiction


Vida Blue

Vida Blue by Susie Perez Fernandez

The White Peacock

The White Peacock by Susie Perez Fernandez


A photographer’s dream project goes horribly wrong when she witnesses a lynch-style murder during a photo session in the middle of the Maharashtra jungle of India. Her only ticket out?  An ex-drug lord who has been paid to escort her to safety. Can she trust him or will he lead her to those that want to eliminate the evidence and maybe even her life for a hefty bounty? The pictures leave a trail of blood and doubt in this mystery thriller.


What if a drug could alter your thoughts just enough to trick your psyche into doubt? Are events real or are they dreams? The cat and mouse chase begins on a flight to Malaysia between an unsuspecting man and a mysterious woman. A stolen microchip, an industry secret that can kill if it gets into the wrong hands and a man searching for a women who he believes has all the answers or does she? Who wins in this elusive game is anybody’s guess or is it?


A gifted New York Police Officer, has the ability of seeing events as they happen making her crime solving abilities the top dog at the precinct but a secret she must keep from her team. After a near fatal accident, she can now see evil up close in the very people that should protect the public, the Justice System. Will anyone believe the signs that lead up to the climax of this story? A thriller and an eye-opening novel!


A young woman saves a wealthy socialite from near death and this one act involves her in a web of lies and deceit. The classic story of the wealthy against the innocent but can she escape the hold they have on her with the only thing she has to give? Love. A thriller that needs to be told.


What does an American food blogger sent to Italy do with her publisher boyfriend who needs some space, a playboy neighbor who wants to teach her about love in exchange for walking his dog and a sexy doctor who wants to pursue her but can’t seem to find the time? An exciting romance novel that shakes you from the first chapter!

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